dtrcd189.jpg (11420 bytes) Charles Blenzig - It's About Time

DTRCD - 189

Tim Hagans, Greg Tardy, Marcus Strickland, Sean Conly and Billy Kilson

1. It’s About Time
2. It’s All Good
3. Some Things Take Time
4. The Time We’ve Shared
5. 2/99
6. Time To Move On
7. You And The Night And The Music
8. Waltz For Julia
9. Is There Time For One More?

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The Musicians:
    Charles Blenzig - Piano and Percussions
    Tim Hagans - Trumpet
    Greg Tardy - Saxophone (tracks 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9)
    Marcus Strickland - Saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6)
    Sean Conly - Bass
    Billy Kilson - Drums

All compositions written by C. Blenzig, Atticus Music publishing BMI with the exception of “You and the Night and the Music” written by Howard Dietz and Arthur Swartz, arranged by C. Blenzig.

Charles Blenzig uses The Barcus Berry Piano Wave System exclusively.
Tim Hagans appears courtesy of Blue Note Records.
Billy Kilson plays Vater Drum Sticks, D W Drums and Sabian Cymbals.
Greg Tardy appears courtesy of Palmetto Records and uses AMP microphones exclusively.

To my wife Alison... words can not express what you mean to me. To Anton and Julia... I love you both bigger than a pyramid. Mom, Guy, my brother Ken, Edmund and Elsie McKay and Elise and David Burns... thanks for always being there. To Sean, Billy, Haggs, Greg and Marcus... thanks for your musicianship and patience. Thank you Hal, brother Rich, Gerry, Nick Szatmari, Theo Hill, John Mione, Kyle carmean, Craig Magnano and Jim Koeppel. Sal Haries and Steven Bensusan as well as the entire staff at the Blue Note Jazz Club. And thanks to all of you: Michael and Claudia Franks, Jim Martin, Ben Goodman, Cam Whitford, Rick Margitza, Karel Ruzica, Steve Hass, Jay Anderson, Jay Azzolina, Jack Lee, Mike Fah, Ricky Sebastian, Willard Dysen, Joe Locke, Alex Foster, Eric Harland. To Karl Kramer, Fred Grifith, Doug Munro, Todd Coolman, Jim McElwaine, Jodi Strong, Katherine Apolito, David Gluck, Joe Ferry and all my friends at S.U.N.Y. Purchase Conservatory. And thank you Jamey D. Aebersold.
    - Charles Blenzig

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Recorded at Bicoastal Music assisted by Jeff Miller.
Mixed at Bicoastal Music by Hal Winer, Richard Palmer and Charles Blenzig.
Mastered by Jamey D. Aebersold
Produced by Charles Blenzig and Richard Palmer for Double Time Records.
Executive Producer Jamey D. Aebersold.
Piano Technician Gerry Mitkowski.
Photo by Alison McKay. Graphic Design by Jamey D. Aebersold.
Jamey D. Aebersold - 2003.