dtrcd187.jpg (16536 bytes) J.D. Walter - Clear Day

DTRCD - 187

J.D. Walter - vocals; Dave Liebman - soprano/tenor sax, flute; Jim Ridl - piano; Steve Varner - bass; Ari Hoenig - drums

1. Kieshas Coy - by J.D. Walter
2. On A Clear Day - standard arranged by Ridl, Liebman and Walter;
3. Here I Am There I Go - by J.D. Walter
4. Beyond The Line - by Dave Liebman, lyrics by J.D. Walter
5. Mommie Eyes - by Dave Liebman
6. If I Should Lose You - standard
7. Translucence - by Dave Liebman, lyrics by J.D. Walter
8. Grace - by Jeff Buckley, arranged by J.D. Walter

Liner Notes
    1. Kieshas Coy -This original tune is basically a blues with an altered B section.
    2. Clear Day - Jim Ridl and I were at a gig a few years past, and he jokingly played a motive from Stravinsky as an intro to this song, and I went with it. Only when I started to write a chart for it did I realize it was in 7/4it had felt so natural, we hadn't even thought about it. When we were deciding on tunes for this session, we got the idea out, as it were, and passed it to Dave, who wrote a beautiful reharm to go with the vibe. Jim sets the tone for the song with a deep, provoking, cyclic dirge. Based on an idea of Jim Ridls. Huge arranging credits go out to Jim on this one.
    3. Here I Am There I Go - My other original tune for this session. Lyrically (and I hope musically) toys with the quandary of never being satisfied where one is "Here I am there I go, never wanting to be where I am but you know that is how I am what I doand I'm hoping, but I don't think I'll ever be back again.. and I fear what I think will come, will it be just as good in a moment or two or the last season that I knew, where the lonely yearn for their time to come soon (home)."
    4. Beyond The Line - Written by Dave Liebman about a serious, dark personal matter. If his tune really reflects emotions he felt about the subject matter described to me, then we all get a keen insight into the very sensitive reflective emotions he felt about it. It is very challenging to write lyrics to someone else's song when it is accompanied by a heavy pretense.
    5. Mommies Eyes - Written by Dave Liebman for his beautiful wife Caris after the birth of their daughter.
    6. If I Should Lose You - A layed back rendition of the standard. We just called this tune on the date and it turned out to be a real keeper.
    7. Translucence - What I really like about this session is the type of writing represented by Dave's contributions. This song really exemplifies the mood he brings to the session. A kind of sweet Santa Anna wind comes to mind. 8. Grace - Written by the late, ever so talented, Jeff Buckley. I wanted to represent, or pay tribute to, a beautiful musician snatched away from us too abruptly. Peace and enjoy. J.D. Walter

Jazz vocalist JD Walter attended the Univ. of N. TX where he sang with the Jazz singers and was featured soloist on the High Wire and My Favorite Things CDs. Hes received numerous awards from IAJE for solo and group performances, hes in great demand as a clinician at high schools and colleges, has performed numerous clinics for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and taught at the prestigious Sibelious/Kuopio conservatory in Finland. Walters collaboration with tenor/soprano saxophonist Dave Liebman, pianist Jim Ridl and bassist Steve Varner on Clear Day will surely bring him even wider recognition. I mean, he scats like nobody else. Comparisons fail me. He plays with long tones like Betty Carter, takes risks like Kurt Elling, possesses a velvety smoothness like Mel Torme, investigates wordless ululations like Milton Nascimento, croons with the confident serenity of a Nat Cole.
    -Bill Donaldson, Jazz News