dtrcd184.jpg (35233 bytes) Jerry Bergonzi - A Different Look

DTRCD - 184

Dan Wall - B-3 Organ, Adam Nussbaum - Drums

1. Just Friends 6:56
2. You Can Tell 5:47
3. Con Brio 5:59
4. I Ching Reading 6:33
5. Czarology 4:23
6. Wiggy 7:59
7. Inside Out 7:17
8. A Different Look 8:37

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1. Just Friends
    This is a great medium up tempo opener for this album. It's lively atmosphere and nice loping lines are a real treat. Jerry reharmonized the melody with "Moments Notice" harmony and also stretched the last 8 bars of the melody into 12 bars with a different harmonic twist. Check out Dan's fantastic solo on this one along with some great trading with Jerry and Adam.

2. You Can Tell
    Features Jerry in a lyrical mood. This nice, relaxed, 3/4 tempo tune showcases the group in an easy going vibe. The changes progress in a disguised major 3rd harmony all throughout the tune but with space added so the changes are not too abrupt. Jerry states "This tune is just plain fun to play."

3. Con Brio
    Con Brio means "with spirit." The first eight bars are related to "rhythm changes" and then goes up a 4th to a different set of changes. Dan takes the first honors here with a nice upbeat solo. Jerry follows suit by starting out nice and easy, then building to a climax over several choruses with Adam lighting a fire the whole way.

4. I Ching Reading
    This tune is based on the I Ching which is called the book of changes; 64 hexagrams each with a special message that carries a lot of wisdom. Jerry has been reading this book since he was a young adult. The tune floats from here to there and has a very difficult harmony to play on. To solo on this piece and make it cohesive is a real challenge!

5. Czarology
    This is a tune that Jerry wrote based on an intervallic bass line. The melody is a compliment to the bass line. This tune is very open and allows Jerry to explore some nice ideas and intervallic themed forms. His solo builds to a frenzy with Dan and Adam providing perfect support.

6. Wiggy
    Wiggy is Jerry's nickname for his son. He wrote this 28 bar tune over several months and loves the harmonic motion in the form. The harmony keeps ascending in half steps and then descends in major thirds, evolving-turning-twisting. This gives it an ongoing quality not found in a more traditional tune. It's presented here in a stretched out version with a slightly faster tempo than on his previous recording.

7. Inside Out
    Is a tune based on the chord changes to "It Could Happen to You". In this case, it happened to us. The melody sets the mood for the tune with its large intervals and multiphonics. Dan and Jerry have been playing these changes their whole life so improvising on it is just a walk in the park.

8. A Different Look
    The title track to Jerry's fourth recording, for Double Time Records, ends the set on a relaxed, easy going, loping melody. It contains a few surprises though, with the melody starting in D major while finishing up in D minor. While the tune starts out quite laid back, it gathers momentum and catches your attention with relaxed intensity.

    A Different Look is Jerry's fourth consecutive trio recording for Double Time Records in the tenor-organ-drums setting. This set of material presented here was recorded during the same August 1999 session as was Wiggy Dtrcd-173. Jerry, Dan and Adam were booked in Peter Kontrimas's studio for 2 days to ensure that they were not rushed while recording these difficult originals of Jerry's. If you've ever been to a recording session, you know all too well that things can some times just go wrong, or rather not exactly the way you had planned. Time always seems to accelerate when such a problem arises and the next thing you know several hours have passed working on a technical difficulty or problem with the sound. That tends to put unwanted pressure on the musicians, no matter how professional they are, and the end result is a sub-par session where you wished you had another day to do it all over again.
    This certainly was not the case with this group. With Jerry bringing his entire fake book of original tunes, they were able to knock out sixteen keeper tracks between the two days. Now the problem remained of what tunes to use for Wiggy and it soon became apparent that we would have to leave out a great many outstanding takes as they simply would not all fit on one recording. That's how A Different Look came to be. We are extremely proud to be able to release such cutting edge playing not heard else where in this setting.
    Anyone that has had the pleasure of listening to Just Within, Lost In The Shuffle, or Wiggy will know without a doubt that these cats are having the time of their lives playing Jerry's material. Rarely will you ever hear such demanding tunes played with such finesse and grace, even going so far as to play “Giant Steps” in 5/4 on Jerry's first recording, sounding as if he had always played it that way, Just Within Dtrcd-127 for Double Time Records. It takes master musicians to be able to play at such a high level of awareness/intensity to make these difficult tunes sound simply amazing. It is not an easy task at all, but this trio does it with ease. Sit back and enjoy the super burn these cats put on eight great tracks.