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Jon Gordon - Possibilities

DTRCD - 171

Jon Gordon - Alto Sax, John Scofield - Guitar, Kevin Hays - Piano, Peter Washington - Bass, Bill Stewart - Drums

1. Camp Out
2. I Should Care
3. Paradox
4. Riddle
5. Contemplation
6. Pure Imagination
7. Momentís Notice
8. Mysterioso
9. Soulís Harbot
Total Time (55:44)

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Thanks to:
John, Kevin, Peter and Bill for  their time, suggestions and great talents.

Special thanks to:
Peter Bannon, Bill Charlap, Jimmy Greene, Mike Holliber,
Mary Ellen Holtzman, Tyrone Jackson, Neal Levy, Susan Scofield, Bo Walker, Julie Wendholt, Brian Weber, Jon Van Wie and most of all to Jen and Liam.
Jon Gordon 7-2000

This recording represents Jonís third release as a leader on the Double Time Records label.

He can also be heard on Currents (Dtrcd-136)
featuring Ben Monder, Ed Simon, Larry Grenadier, Adam Cruz and Bill Stewart;

and The Things We Need (Dtrcd-156)
featuring Peter Bernstein, Mike LeDonne, Dennis Irwin, Kenny Washington, Ronnie Mathews, Eddie Locke and Childrens Choir.